Firstly, about our name.  We have taken it from the stunningly beautiful lake Baikal; the ancient and gargantuan lake in the mountainous region of Siberia, north of the Mongolian border.  A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the world’s deepest lake and reputed to be the clearest.  Apt metaphors indeed, for our teams’ insights and understanding on one hand, and the lucidity of their thought processes on the other.

What do we do?  Mostly we develop and manage digital enterprises.  While most are commercial, a few are non-profit and philanthropic undertakings; something that is important for us.  Our activities range from online/blended learning courses, property websites, MICE websites, and digital magazine publishing, to symposia, TV production, classical music recording, and publishing.

Plainly we have an embarrassment of talent working with us.  Teams that are multi-lingual and omni-competent.  But above all, truly passionate about what Baikal Developments is all about.

Opera Odyssey

It seemed like a perfectly good idea, when viewed through the prism of a decidedly lovely bottle of Chateau Musar.  Most rational people would have ‘let it go’ the next morning after a strong coffee.  But not our music obsessed head of operations.  “All we have to do is figure out the details” he said.  This was, apparently, supposed to be helpful.  

So, now that the details have been figured out, our TV crews will undertake the most detailed and comprehensive production of a series on the four-century history of opera.  Filming in 15 countries, more than 100 cities, towns, and villages, and all under challenging time frame of ten months.

Launch a Digital Business

Munich is the venue for our two-day symposium aimed at those wishing to start their own digital business.  Presentations will include: entrepreneurial mindset, business models, viability, funding, building an e-commerce website, IP protection, risk management, e-marketing, analytics, performance improvements, operations management, data protection, building your brand, e-crm, and consumer protection

A N Scriabin

One of Russia’s most innovative and audacious composers and pianists, Scriabin’s oeuvre does not receive anything like the type of exposure it warrants.  To this end, through our Elbrus Classical label, we have established an appreciation society aimed at promoting the composer’s music.  We are also pleased to be  promoting a four-day tour to Moscow, where participants will visit the Scriabin house museum, the Bolshoi Theatre, Red Square and the Kremlin, and Scriabin’s final resting place in Novodevichy Cemetery.

Stay. Click. Do.

Three words that represent the basic tenet of website design with respect to how one wishes the end user to engage with it.  It is also the name of our online course for aspiring digital entrepreneurs, or those in the early stage of their business.  With over 40 modules the course is fully comprehensive, motivating, and convenient, and provides full tutor support.

Property Website

Launching in Ireland and the UK market very soon, our new property website will be pan-European by the end of 2019.  Far more than a simple shop window for properties to buy or rent, the site will be an indispensable resource for all things property related, across more than 60 jurisdictions.  We apologise that for reasons of commercial sensitivity, we are unable to to even give you a sneak preview at this stage.

Our publishing division, Baikal Publishing, is responsible for the books accompanying two TV series: Opera Odyssey and the History of Cork series. Both of these books will be sublime, lavishly illustrated, very large format coffee-table books. They will be available through the Baikal Publishing's website and through the dedicated websites for each book.

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